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My Story

Sydd Ferrell is a man with a vision, and that vision is to give women the best relationship advice and help them leave toxic relationships to enter into healthy relationships. My goal is for women to never get manipulated, used, played, or taken advantage of ever again. I also encourage women to practice self-love and to focus on becoming the best versions of themselves as possible.

Sydd became a dating coach for women because of his genuine love and appreciation for women. All throughout my life and coaching career, many women came to me for advice on their relationships and I always knew the right things to say to make them feel better or resolved the situation overall. I started noticing the impact I had on helping women and changing their perspectives  on love and relationships. That's when I knew that being a professional dating coach for women was my God-given gift and purpose in life.


"Nothing On This Earth Is More Important Than

Your Happiness, But God Himself."

My Mission

Sydd Ferrell's overall mission is to be one of the best dating coaches ever and to help women in this social media era of dating find love, self-love, and enter into healthy relationships. The main mission is to uplift and empower women all over the world who may be discouraged by toxic relationships or haven't yet had success in finding the right man for them to be with forever.

Sydd Ferrell gives very detailed and accurate dating advice (especially in this generation of dating apps and social media). I want to help women become the best version of themselves and to find a man that genuinely cares about them. I also wants women to recognize the red flags and learn how not to be played, manipulated, used or taken advantage of by a man. The goal is to educate women on how men really think and to give women "game" on a man trying to take her for granted.

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